The elegant and beautiful Bocci Crystal Pendant Light is formed by transparent crystal balls with bubbles. When illuminated, it looks like many stars. Used for a chandelier, it is ideal for staircases or the room with high ceiling.
The Wireflow freeform pendant can be mounted on the ceiling or wall, giving users the freedom to create lighting for their interior spaces. This provides a lighting solution for customers who can only use wall sockets but need pendant lights.
The Lederam Manta pendant/ceiling light embodies the accuracy of the movements required to draw the line. Warm, pastel coloured discs surround an ultra-flat shaped LED module, creating slender lamps and suspended forms with curved, sinuous lines.
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Mega Bulb pendant lamp

Created by Sofie Refer, the Mega Bulb pendant lamp mimics the silhouette of an old light bulb. The Danish minimalist design imparts subtle sophistication and warmth.
Experience timeless design with the Semi Pendant Light, created by Danish designers in 1968. Its sleek, enamelled metal quarter-circle design produces a distinctive and diffused cone-shaped light, perfect for kitchen and dining settings. Available in a variety of colours and sizes, the Semi Pendant is extremely versatile and well-suited to both...
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CoCo pendnat light

Influenced by Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics, CoCo pendant light has a simple shape and smooth lines, which will bring a modern Scandinavian style to our space.
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KUU pendant light

Inspired by the moon, this beautifully simple and elegant KUU pendant light collection was designed by award-winning Helsinki designer Elina Ulvio. Hanging in groups is not only conducive to lighting, but also more decorative.
Smithfield Ceiling Light was designed by Jasper Morrison in 2009 and is perfect for a modern living room or kitchen, its simplicity adds a touch of elegance and elegance to cooking and dining settings.
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