Our enterprise

The company “simiglighting” is a dynamic developing company founded in 2016. While running our business, we have created a strong brand of lighting products which has aroused great interest from our customers. We offer a wide range of lamps, both modern and classic, available in different colors. In addition to a perfect design, we offer the customer a guarantee of safe use through appropriate attestations and certificates. We care about our continuous development, adjusting our offer to meet the diverse tastes of our customers. We wish to operate on the basis of a CSR policy, also taking into account the well-being of our employees and the protection of the environment.

Our mission

Light is the essence of life, thanks to the light we see. The sense of sight is the main sense on which the perception of the world depends. We are constantly designing a new luminaire for light, so that each of our customers can realize their own vision of reality. As many personalities as interior decorations. We attach great importance to design, constantly introduce new designs and observe the evolution of technology, we follow new trends and come up with new solutions, thus expanding our offer. We want each of our clients to be able to create their own reality, so that the reality is better than our ideas about it.

Our flagship products

The warmest and most unforgettable light dispels discomfort and brings hope and expectation.

Our values

Our work is the result of an attachment to values. Our product is created on the basis of openness to new global solutions and ideas. We are guided by the idea of creativity in creating new solutions for clients, flexibility to meet our clients' expectations, and honesty to clients and to each other.

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