Hanging lamp

Hanging lamp is a lighting tool suspended from the ceiling, which is very suitable for space lighting. It can not only play a certain lighting effect, but also has a very good decorative effect. A unique chandelier can quickly improve the delicacy of the home.

Simig Lighting offers various types of chandeliers. Whether you like Scandinavian style or Japanese style, there are various sizes and colors. I believe you can find your favorite chandelier here.

Hanging lamp

Melt pendant light

Inspired by high technology, Tom Dixon created the striking Melt pendant light (2014), inspired by his fascination with the vacuum metallization process typically used to make sunglasses.
PH 5 Pendant PH 5 Pendant 2
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Hanging lamp

PH 5 Pendant Lamp

€189.00 €225.00
The PH 5 pendant by Poul Henningsen is recognized as a classic Danish design and stands out for its innovative, glare-free shape and uniform lighting. The lamps in this series are also available as wall and table lamps, ideal for placement in the home.
Serge Mouille Ceiling lamp Serge Mouille Ceiling lamp 2
  • -€40.00
€235.00 €275.00
Serge Mouille designed the angular Serge Mouille Ceiling lamp as "a reaction to the Italian models that began to dominate the market in the 1950s", which he criticized as being "too complicated". The Serge Mouille Ceiling lamp (1958) is a suspended interpretation of its original three-arm floor lamp and maintains its original dynamic and sculptural...
Flowerpot VP1 Pendant Light Flowerpot VP1 Pendant Light 2
  • -€41.00
€78.00 €119.00
The Flowerpot pendant light reflects breaking the rules, embracing a more open, modern mindset and promoting peace and harmony. This is the design philosophy of designer Verner Panton.
Hanging lamp

Caboche pendant lamp

The Caboche pendant lamp consists of a set of transparent spheres that are evenly arranged around the light source in a spherical pattern. Each transparent sphere increases lighting by producing a unique brightness and sparkle, perfect for living or dining rooms.
Smithfield Ceiling Light was designed by Jasper Morrison in 2009 and is perfect for a modern living room or kitchen, its simplicity adds a touch of elegance and elegance to cooking and dining settings.
The Wireflow freeform pendant can be mounted on the ceiling or wall, giving users the freedom to create lighting for their interior spaces. This provides a lighting solution for customers who can only use wall sockets but need pendant lights.
The Lederam Manta pendant/ceiling light embodies the accuracy of the movements required to draw the line. Warm, pastel coloured discs surround an ultra-flat shaped LED module, creating slender lamps and suspended forms with curved, sinuous lines.
Lotus Creative retro glass... Lotus Creative retro glass... 2
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Lotus Creative retro glass pendant lamp like blooming petals, delicate and charming. Unique color schemes paired with warm yellow lighting create a colorful artistic effect to personalize lighting for your home.
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