Ceiling light

Serge Mouille Ceiling lamp Serge Mouille Ceiling lamp 2
  • -€40.00
€235.00 €275.00
The ceiling lamp is the perfect embodiment of minimalism in modern interiors. With its simple and elegant design, it brings a touch of sophistication to any room.
Skydro ceiling light Skydro ceiling light 2
  • -€227.00
€729.00 €956.00
Available for Fastest Shipping(DHL or DPD):  ✔ 3-5 days delivery to EU countries  ✔ No tariffs
Vertigo Nova Pendant Light Vertigo Nova Pendant Light 2
  • -20%
€172.00 €215.00
Not only will this beautiful designer lamp illuminate your space with elegance, but it will also become the focal point of your interior decoration. Available for Fastest Shipping (DHL or DPD): ✔ 3-5 days delivery to EU countries  ✔ No tariffs
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