Table lamp

The use of table lamps has gradually evolved from candles and oil lamps to various modern table lamps. These lights on the table are not only a good assistant to provide light for your reading and writing, but also an ornament for any desktop.

A beautiful desk lamp can not only create an atmosphere, but also make people feel happy. Study and bedroom all need a warm desk lamp, such as bedside table, table near the door or sofa, or coffee table. In addition, you may need a practical and elegant desk lamp to accompany you in your study. Simiglighting can provide you with a variety of table lamps with unique shapes.

Flowerpot VP9 Portable... Flowerpot VP9 Portable... 2
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Available for Fastest Shipping (DHL or DPD):  ✔ 3-5 days delivery to EU countries  ✔ No tariffs Made of high-quality acrylic materials, this product is durable and beautiful, with a battery life of several hours. The following video pictures are all taken by us.
Eames House Bird Eames House Bird 2
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Available for Fastest Shipping (DHL or DPD): White ✔ 3-5 days delivery to EU countries  ✔ No tariffs
Table lamp

Miss K Table Light

Flos Miss K Table Light, it looks beautiful and charming, like a noble woman, when the light is turned on, you will be immersed in the soft light of Miss K Table Light.
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