Transparent glass pendant series
Transparent glass pendant series
Transparent glass pendant series
Transparent glass pendant series
Transparent glass pendant series

Transparent glass pendant series

  • dia 18cm h15cm
  • dia 15cm h11cm
  • dia 13cm h20cm
  • dia 13cm h16cm
  • dia 13cm h14cm
  • dia 12cm h16cm
  • dia 16cm h13cm
  • dia 15cm h12cm
  • dia 12cm h19cm
  • dia 13cm h10cm
  • dia 12cm h9cm
  • dia 20cm h8cm
  • dia 14cm h11cm
  • dia 20cm h17cm
  • dia 13cm h12cm
  • dia 17cm h18cm
  • dia 18cm h16cm
  • dia 17cm h17cm
  • dia 14cm h14cm
  • dia 19cm h6cm
  • dia 15cm h13cm
  • dia 16cm 10cm
  • dia 16cm h10cm
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  • Kitchen / restaurant / dining room clear glass pendant lights exudes a great feeling of warmth, easy to install.Add a lightly scented atmosphere The carefully designed glass pendant light allows you to create a vintage ambience and a feeling of rustic charm in your home. It is a simple beauty. A glass light fixture and a few Edison bulbs explain the light it emits. It has a wonderfully long cord and black base and polished brass look bulb holder. Its lamp holder has two options: with switch / no switch, please leave a message if necessary. Not shown as a card delivery option .
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  • Product size

  • Size: Dia 13cm x H 12cm / ∅ 5.1 ″ x H 4.7 ″
  • Size: Dia 19cm x H 9cm / ∅ 7.5 ″ X H 3.5 ″
  • Size: Dia 14cm x H 12cm / ∅ 4.7 ″ x H 5.5 ″
  • Size: Dia 20cm x H 8cm / ∅ 7.9 ″ x H 3.1 ″
  • Size: Dia 16cm x H 12cm / ∅ 6.3 ″ x H 4.7 ″
  • Size: Dia 17cm x H 17cm / ∅ 6.7 ″ x H 6.7 ″
  • Size: Dia 15cm x H 12cm / ∅ 5.9 ″ x H 4.7 ″
  • Details
  • Material: Coper / Glass
  • Light source: E27
  • Power: Max 40W
  • Weight: 2 kg / 4.4 Kg
  • Finishes: Transparent
  • Process: blown glass
  • Control method: push button switch (not dimmable)
  • We supply 150cm / 59 ″ wires. Can be extended on request
Dia 12cm * H9cm
Dia 12cm * H16cm
Dia 12cm * H19cm
Dia 13cm * H10cm
Dia 13cm * H12cm
Dia 13cm * H14cm
Dia 13cm * H16cm
Dia 13cm * H20cm
Dia 14cm * H11cm
Dia 14cm * H14cm
Dia 15cm * H11cm
Dia 15cm * H12cm
Dia 15cm * H13cm
Dia 16 cm * 10 cm
Dia 16cm * H10CM
Dia 16cm * H13CM
Dia 17cm * H17cm
Dia 17cm * H18cm
Dia 18cm * H15cm
Dia 18cm * H16cm
Dia 19cm * H6cm
Dia 20 cm * H8 cm
Dia 20cm * H17cm

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Transparent glass pendant...

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  • Size: dia 18cm h15cm €89.00
  • Size: dia 15cm h11cm €85.00
  • Size: dia 13cm h20cm €85.00
  • Size: dia 13cm h16cm €85.00
  • Size: dia 13cm h14cm €85.00
  • Size: dia 12cm h16cm €85.00
  • Size: dia 16cm h13cm €85.00
  • Size: dia 15cm h12cm €85.00
  • Size: dia 12cm h19cm €85.00
  • Size: dia 13cm h10cm €85.00
  • Size: dia 12cm h9cm €85.00
  • Size: dia 20cm h8cm €85.00
  • Size: dia 14cm h11cm €85.00
  • Size: dia 20cm h17cm €82.00
  • Size: dia 13cm h12cm €85.00
  • Size: dia 17cm h18cm €89.00
  • Size: dia 18cm h16cm €89.00
  • Size: dia 17cm h17cm €89.00
  • Size: dia 14cm h14cm €85.00
  • Size: dia 19cm h6cm €85.00
  • Size: dia 15cm h13cm €85.00
  • Size: dia 16cm 10cm €85.00
  • Size: dia 16cm h10cm €85.00

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